What is an Email Regent?

Email Regent ímel rídʒənt


An Email Regent is a system that can be run alongside an existing email engine like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Apple email, etc. It can performs high level tasks like

  • Routing emails
  • Templating
  • Running email campaigns
  • Notifications

"I heard Blademail is that hot new Email Regent System everyone is talking about"

How does this help me?


Let's see some common problems

I'm a startup

I've started a new business called Musky Rockets

I need to setup multiple email addresses for :

  • admin@muskyrockets.com
  • webmaster@muskyrockets.com
  • sales@muskyrockets.com
  • elongated@muskyrockets.com
  • ...

For now I only have 1 person doing all these jobs. I can use Blademail to reroute all of the emails I receive from these accounts to my Gmail account at elongatedmuskrat@gmail.com , as well as send mail as admin@muskyrockets.com , etc from my Gmail just by using a simple Blademail flow.

I'm a large enterprise

As part of our ongoing internal quality of service assurance, we want to keep archived copies of all employee email. However we also want to comply with privacy concerns of our employees, thus we talk with a law firm to hold a RSA encryption private key. When emails come into the system we send a copy to the employee to whom it was addressed as well as keep a copy archived encrypted with the RSA public key. If an employee is found to be in breach and needs to be investigated, we contact our law firm to open their email with the private key pair that they hold in order to investigate an employee

Tell me more


We offer a fully managed scalable email service from the smallest startup to the largest enterprise


Blademail can be deployed within minutes by a human and seconds if automated


Our software is designed from the ground up for high throughput traffic inbound and outbound


All of your emails are encrypted and are deleted immediately after processing.

Well Documented

You can find our code well organized, commented and readable and we have support staff ready to help with any problems


Blademail is designed for high throughput email processing of many hundreds of thousands of emails per second


We created Blademail with the goal of setting up the fastest, most cost effective email processing system available

How much does it cost?


We price things a little differently than you are used to...

The problem with how others price emails

Email systems traditionally price on a per inbox, per email basis. Historically this generally makes it very difficult for customers to have a dynamic email environment where they can create new inboxes on the fly and customize how their email is handled.


Since Blademail is not a standard email system, these restrictions to billing do not apply to us. To abstract away from the technical implementations of how we bill you, we put forward the idea of a compute unit that represents the cost of the computation involved in processing your emails.


Pricing Model

You are billed based on the computations involved in processing inbound email, event-triggerable flows and cron jobs defined by the complexity of the flow that you deploy.

In the case of outbound emails, you are charged 1 per outbound email


  • 15 000
  • 1 Domain


$25per month
  • 85 000
  • Unlimited Domains


$150per month
  • 475 000
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Support


$?per month
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Pay only for what you use